Skype has emerged as one of the most successful VoIP application in the market.

From video calling to voice calls and text messages to file sharing, Skype has everything under it’s hood.

Though Skype serve as a great tool for business as well as personal use, but it can also lead as a helping hands in ‘Company’s data leaks‘ and ‘Privacy Violations‘.

For the sake of large sum of money, Employees these days are more prone to getting inclined towards your competitors and they have no shame in sharing your company’s data with your arch rivals.

For protecting you from frauds and data leaks, developers are working hard to safeguard the interest of Employers.

Every venom has it’s own antidote and Data leaks over Skype is no exception to it.

Today we are here with How To Use Skype Tracker To Monitor Employee Skype Account :

Skype Tracker For Windows/Mac

Before we begin, you need :

  1. A good and reliable Spyware for Windows or Mac.
  2. Currently FlexiSpy is not having any Computer Tracker application, you can go for mSpy Computer Tracking application.
  3. In case you are interested in Skype tracker for both Smartphone and PC, look out for mSpy Bundle Kit that can provide you affordable Spying Solution for all your devices.

Steps To Use Skype Tracker For Computer :

Step 1Grabbed a copy of Skype Tracker app? If you are still thinking, here’s your 5% discount code – ‘Spypundit5. Avail this discount, before offer ends.

Step 2 : Now, follow the welcome mail received when you purchase mSpy and start the installation process on target PC/Mac. Once installation is complete, add exception to your PC’s antivirus for mSpy.

Step 3 : Login to your mSpy cPanel and make sure your selected device is Computer, have a look at it from Top left corner of the screen.

Step 4 : Finally, head over to ‘Keylogger‘, from the drop down select ‘Skype‘ and see all your employee’s Skype chat and activities.

Here your Employee’s complete Skype Chat will be listed.

Facing any issues to use Skype Tracker to monitor employee Skype account?

Do let us know through comment section.